The amazing story of a man who planted a giant forest one tree at a time

The Forest Man of India—that's his official title. Just a regular dude who, one day of 1979, decided to transform a barren land into a forest with an extension of 1,359 acres and counting. One tiny baby tree at a time, seed by seed he created a paradise that is now home for elephants, rhinos, deer, and even tigers.

For comparison, Central Park in New York city is 843 acres (3.41 square kilometers.)


He did it because he wanted the animals to return, but also because he thought it would stop the erosion that was destroying his homeland. He also did it to create an environment that could report economic benefits and joy to his neighbors. It worked.

He's still working on it. Listen to his story. Watch what he has done and why. Maybe it will inspire you.

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