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The Amazon Galaxy Quest Show Is Moving Forward With New Writer Paul Scheer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The world of Galaxy Quest has been desperately trying to return for a few years now, most recently as an Amazon TV show. Well, after an unexpected but understandable delay, those plans are now back on track.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that comedian Paul Scheer will take over scripting duties on Amazon’s adaptation of the 1999 cult comedy, which was originally going to be penned by the film’s writer, Robert Gordon.


“By Grabthar’s Hammer, I will write thee,” Scheer tweeted, confirming the news.

We still don’t know what angle the show will take from the original film, or who will star in it—but we were very close to finding out last year. The show was getting ready to go into production when Alan Rickman, who played Dr. Lazarus in the film, passed away. Understandably, that slowed everything down. But now, over a year later, Scheer’s addition puts the project back in the fast lane.


Scheer is a really exciting hire for this show. Not only is he a talented writer, actor, and comedian, he’s a true pop culture fan. He almost certainly gets that Galaxy Quest is great because it’s both poking fun at pop culture, as well as celebrating it. It’s goofy, but with heart and reverence.

There’s no timeline of when we might see Galaxy Quest’s Amazon return, but 2018 seems like a solid guess.

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