The Apocamix, the end of the world movie mixtape!

We've got so much awesome in this week's Cult Movie Worship that we decided to start off with a "hooray-the-rapture-didn't-happen" bang with! Plus behold the trailer for Damir Lukacevic's Transfer, additional clips for Pedro Almodovar's new film, and more!


This little video ditty called "The Apocamix" was created by Eclectic Method.


Finally! A trailer for Damir Lukacevic's body-invading movie Transfer. Last we heard from this film, it was causing a stir at Fantastic Fest. Watch the first ever footage about the future upper class (and the beautiful, young minds they pay to inhabit).

The Skin I Live In

You've seen the first (and quick) trailer for Pedro Almodovar's mad scientist movie The Skin I Live In. The film's based loosely on the book by Thierry Jonquet and follows a relentless Antonio Banderas as he tries to build an indestructible epidermis on his human guinea pig. So far it's been getting pretty good (but not spectacular) reviews from Cannes. Here's the latest batch of clips. What do you think?



Twitch Film pointed out this slick trailer for Mike Pappa's time-traveling short Frankie. We're saps for spectacled scientists with black ties and retro mod artwork — thus far, we're in. Here's the official synopsis via Twitch:

"When a watch repair man acquires an antique pocket watch that can control time, he decides to use it to achieve his dreams. His plans soon become sinister when he learns he isn't the only one with the knowledge of the pocket watch."


For more information, check out Frankie.


Why yes! That is Michael Rooker fighting off some underwater lake creature! And yes! We have been waiting for a new snow monster (seeing as The Thing prequel is still months away)! And yes! We will be watching the hell out of this schlocky monster madness!

The storyline centers on two very working-class families with two very different ideologies who come to this lake to ice fish. They encounter this creature, and they deal with it very differently as they get picked off one by one.

The Cat

This odd South Korean horror film (discovered via Twitch) suggests that cats can see the dead. Whether or not they care to tell you remains to be seen. Either way, here's the trailer for The Cat.




Hey you mentioned this year's Cannes and end of the world movies and no Melancholia?