The Armedchair Rocks Your Body

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If the Armedchair works as advertised, it may just be one of the coolest, yet least useful things we've ever seen. It's a $12,000 chair from Sybaris that bumps and bounces around the person sitting down according to the on-screen action of the nearly 500 movies that it's programmed to work with.

It's controlled by super secret software, movie-specific codes and a series of actuators—robotic "muscles"—that can lift up to 600lbs while hitting a maximum acceleration of 2Gs. So if you have a pacemaker, you may when to sit in a normal chair while watching the latest action movie. All of the information is sent via the digital audio output of your DVD player. The Armedchair is available now in several different colors and is a surefire way to scare the living daylights out of any unsuspecting people.


Product Page [Sybaris via Uncrate]