The Asus Eee Tablet Looks So Infuriatingly Dated

Asus' Eee Tablet sounds incredible at first—from the company that invented the netbook, a tablet with a specially designed LCD that rivals the convenience of E-Ink tech without the lag. But are you still impressed after this clip?

What we didn't see in the initial announcement and product render was what a train wreck this whole product is, despite its $200 in September price tag.


Even when you realize that the device is more an eBook reader than a fully-functional tablet, the still-laggy monochrome LCD doesn't breathe new life into the platform, as from what we can tell, handwriting still isn't captured in real time, and the pitiful integrated camera does little to futurize the device. (Besides, let's be honest. Without serious bundled software, handwritten notes are little more than MS Paint projects.)

At least the nook and Kindle are tiny, comfortable devices. And while the iPad and upcoming Dell Streak are chunky in their own right, at least they're full color and loaded with functionality thanks to so many applications on demand.

The Eee Tablet is the worst of both worlds: the bulk of a real tablet with most of the screen and application restrictions of an eBook reader. It looks like how some TI engineer probably imagined the future of graphing calculators in 1980, but not in the retro-hip kind of way.

C'mon Asus. You're a huge powerhouse company that's not afraid to take a risk in the name of innovation. You must have better tricks up your sleeve than this. [HotHardware via CrunchGear]


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I can see this being reors and for managing product development. Take a photo and circle the proally popular with jobs like building inspectblem areas and jot a note next to it and zap it to the client.

It would even better in color and if the picture filled the whole screen, but I think it is pretty worthy concept. Of course iPad 2.0 with the HD camera and the Pixel Qi screen would blow it out of the water.