ASUS Eee Tablet: Call It A Kindle-Slayer, Not An iPad-Killer

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Normally we'd be running to the hills in fright of clocking a stylus within 50-feet of a tablet, but in ASUS' case they're claiming that "the humble notepad is in line for a digital makeover."


It's more of an electronic notepad/ereader rather than a tablet (despite ASUS calling it the ASUS Eee Tablet), and has a "highly-sensitive 2540dpi resolution touchscreen." A big selling-point for the Eee Tablet is that it's the perfect 21st-century accompaniment for meetings or lectures—allowing the user to make notes with ease, "like you're writing on paper" according to ASUS.

While full specs haven't been revealed for the Eee Tablet or Eee Pad, we do know that the passive TFT-LCD screen acts as an ereader, with just a 0.1-second page turn. Despite it being more business-based that entertainment-based, it's also got a 2MP camera. Wi-Fi is included (with books and apps being downloaded that way), but it also connects to PCs with the USB port or can have data loaded via the microSD card slot. [TechInStyle]


We should stop benchmarking against iPad. Someone pointed out that iPad is the "only" tablet now!! That is the amount of ignorance people are subjected to. Apple is all about mainstream. Now when I hear my non-geek friends talk about "jailbreaking" I hope the world is changing for the better, but my friends - Ignorance can be a dangerous thing.

Tablets have been in existence since times immemorial (I have been using a Fujitsu Stylistic since 5 years - use it for notes, sketching, digital photography etc) but it has always been a niche market. Apple wet ahead and brought it to every home - doesn't mean it is the ONLY one out there!

And Kindle, boy how can you compare a Kindle to a tablet device when the two are completely different products. The beauty of Kindle is in its eInk mode where I can read continuously for hours without any fatigue and iPad takes a toll out of my eyes in an hour or so - using iPad or any backlit device for reading is just painful. I am just waiting for Notion Ink Adam with their dual mode display