The Awesome New Xbox 360 Software Update Is Slightly Delayed Live (Updated)

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Microsoft's Major Nelson aka Larry Hryb the Director of Programming for Xbox Live just tweeted that the new Metro-inspired dashboard update for the Xbox 360 has been "slightly delayed" He'll have a status update on what that means for you "later today". Sit tight!


Update: Major Nelson tweeted just about a half hour ago,

We are a go! The #XboxUpdate is currently on its way to all 35 million Xbox LIVE members around the world (1/2)
We apologize for today's delay and hope that you will be thrilled with your new Xbox experience. #XboxUpdate (2/2)


So check out your new software and let us know what you think in the comments! [Twitter]

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I have the new dashboard, and for the most part it is ok. I hate how they changed the way friends appear (other than the very welcome alphabetical order). Now, you can't see the names of people unless you move the joystick over to "activate" their avatar.

You can click on "Party" to see which friends are in a party, but there is no indication from the main friends list.

The whole friends section just feels clunky and wrong, and is way too involved. Definitely not a fan.

My perception is that everything takes an extra button press or two in order to get to things that were a single press away in the previous dashboard.

I am intrigued by the "Beacons" ability. None of my friends are on the new dash yet, so I haven't had a chance to figure it out. If I understand it right, it is kind of like setting up a play date, like "Hey everybody, I want to play MW3 at 8pm tonight!". I wish it were more like, "I'm playing Skyrim right now because no one else is playing MW3, but am open to playing MW3 instead"...something like that.

I thought each of the previous dashboards improved on the usefulness. This one is a step back in some ways. I'm still playing around with it though.