The Beautiful Guitar Amp I Won't Have to Hide

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Guitar amps are heavy and bulky and my wife really doesn't want to see one just hanging out in the living room. But, she hasn't seen the stylish Yamaha THR10 practice amp.

Living in an apartment means that the only time I get to use my tube amp is at a practice space. Turning the volume down on the amp loses the warmth and tone of the notes. The THR10 not only recreates the throaty sounds of a tube amp. It does so at a volume level that won't have the neighbors calling the cops on you.


Choose from five amp types with pedal effects like delay, reverb, phaser, flange, and chorus. Once you have the perfect sound, you can save it to one of the five presets. If you need more ammo to talk your significant other into letting the amp sit out in the open, it has a 1/8 audio input so you can plug in pretty much any audio device. Plus, it has virtual tube illumination. Which looks cool. [Yamaha via Uncrate]