The Behind the Scenes Story of the Nike Air Mag, the McFly Jacket and More

The Nike Air Mag auction has wrapped up and has raised $5.6 million for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research ($11.2 if you count Sergey Brin's contributions). It was an absolutely worthy cause for the iconic shoe.

In all, there were over 38,000 bids on eBay with the cheapest pair being sold for $2,300 (a Size 7) and the most expensive pair being sold for $9,959 (size 10). Other pairs sold for more in different auction settings. Sneaker News has the full recap of the auction and it's a really great source for number nerds.


Also, Nike recently released the full story of the Nike Air Mag and as I'm still absolutely in love with the shoe, I can't stop watching and reading any new material about them. And I'm still learning new stuff! Like I didn't know one version of the "power laces" in BTTF 2 actually had holes in the sole so someone could pull down the laces underneath the street (the magic of the movies!). They've also released videos about the auto-resizing, auto-drying "McFly" jacket too (which I didn't know Nike had a hand in making). Watch them all.

I really hope they come out with a 2015 version. I also really hope I can afford to buy it by then. [Nike, Sneaker News]

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I'd like to see a pro athlete wearing a pair of these during a game someday.