The Beltless Heart Rate Monitor

The Beurer GmbH heart rate monitoring glove ditches the traditional belt system used by other companies, like Polar, in favor of a new method called plethysmography. Instead of wearing an obtrusive belt across your chest to pick up your EKG signal, this little glove measures the reflected light from an artery found in the index finger.

That's right, no other restricting equipment to strap on that you have to worry about falling off. All you do is slap on this little glove, and go. It will even measure blood pressure.


On a side note, when your willy isn't working, plethysmography is typically used to see what might be the cause of your erectile problem. So there you go, erectile dysfunction methods are now being applied to more than just old men, that is unless old men have started to jog now.

Heart Rate Monitoring Glove Based On Plethysmography [OhGizmo!]

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