The Best Chromecast App Is Back in Action

Now that Google has finally opened up the Chromecast for developers, AllCast—pretty much the best Chromecast app you could ask for—is back in the game.


Developer Koushik Dutta pushed out an update early this morning that will let you push pictures and videos from your phone to your Chromecast with the greatest of ease. There are only two catches. If you don't want to be limited to 1 minute clips, you have to shell out for the $5 license (come on, it's worth it). And you also need the newest version of Google Play Services which only just started rolling out. If you just can't be patient, you can download it here.

But wait or no wait, the return of AllCast hopefully heralds Chromecast's long-awaited ascent to greater greatness. Woo!

Go get AllCast right here, right now.


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