The Best Designed Vintage SUV Is Hand Built with Taste

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The ICON Bronco is a praise the lord beautiful vintage SUV that prides itself on its attention to design. ICON scours around for old Broncos and then strips it down, reverse engineers it and makes it better than it ever was. Look how gorgeous these SUVs are.

David Laven made a video for Cool Hunting about ICON the company and had Jonathan Ward, the founder and lead designer of ICON, give a tour of its LA headquarters and describe its process. Everything is made by hand and more importantly, made with such good taste. This is what Ward things what good design is:

"Good design is considered. You should be able to point out anything on one of my trucks and I should be able to give you longer than you want, geek-out answers on why its there, why its made that way, how its machine, what the surface coating is."


Watch it, you'll want to buy an ICON Bronco by the end of it. Gas mileage be damned. [Vimeo via Cool Hunting via @thatsSOlaven]