We were busy playing with Windows 10 all week, and published some great science explainers and debunks, none of which fascinated the internet quite as much as Converse sneakers’ first redesign in nearly a century. Here are the highlights!

I Installed Windows 10 and Now I’m Talking to My Computer


Unless you’re one of the handful of people rocking a Windows Phone, you won’t have much experience with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. With the roll-out of Windows 10, Cortana is about to make a lot of new friends very quickly—and like me, they might soon find themselves shouting instructions at their computer on a regular basis.

Windows 10, Day One

Last night, as promised, I installed Windows 10 on my own personal laptop. I left everything to chance. I didn’t back up my data. Hell, I set my Lenovo ThinkPad X240 on the floor of a pizza parlor in San Francisco—dongle and all—and let it install totally unattended.

This is the Most Earth-like Planet Ever Discovered


NASA’s Kepler Space telescope science team has just announced the discovery of the most Earth-like planet ever. Meet Kepler 452-b, the very first apparently rocky planet that orbits a sun-like star in the habitable zone.

Sorry You Can’t Have Any More Sex Toys Because of This Patent


The dream of teledildonics, or having sex over the internet using remote-controlled sex toys, has been around since the 1990s. Every once in a while, new companies try to perfect the technology, so that you can enhance your sexting with a little something extra. But now the dream is about to die — thanks to patent trolls.

Converse Redesigned Its Iconic Chucks for the First Time in 98 Years


Some would consider it as sacrilegious as when Coke dabbled with its classic formula back in the 80s, but after 98 years Converse has updated its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. On the outside they look nearly identical, but on the inside the Chuck II is actually far more comfy for your feet.

Here’s What Breaking Up Does to Your Brain


When the love of your life dumps you, you’re going to go a little nuts. But it’s a very specific form of crazy: There are actually conflicting neural systems active inside your brain. It’s like you’re falling in love all over again, only in reverse. Here’s how neuroscience explains it.

Welcome to the Connected States: Living In a Van In America

In August 2014 I put everything I owned into boxes, climbed into a U-Haul, and started driving.


If You Want to See the Future of TV, Watch the Tour de France


Early in the Tour de France this year, a horrible crash forced six riders to abandon—including one, Fabian Cancellara, who finished the day with two broken vertebrae. NBC reported that 400,000 people had streamed the day’s racing through its app. GoPro footage of the aftermath, shot by a mechanic, quickly blew up too.

Meanwhile in the Future: We Have Changed the Climate with Wind Turbines


According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, about 2.3 percent of America’s power is generated by wind. But wind power is becoming wildly popular all over the world. What would happen if a company put up so many wind turbines that they actually changed the climate on Earth? That’s the subject of this week’s podcast.

Terrible Things You Can Do with a Selfie Stick, Other Than Take Selfies


It’s a telescoping pole with a flexible gripper for your phone at the end. Inside, a cable connects the button on the handle with with your phone. Click the button and it takes a picture! From three feet away! People call them selfie sticks, but I’ve never used mine for selfies. I do things that are a lot worse.

Meet Your Three New National Monuments


President Obama just created three new National Monuments, protecting over 1 million acres of land in California, Nevada and Texas for the enjoyment of the American people. Where are they, why were they protected and how can you use them? Let’s take a detailed look at each.

NASA’s Incredible Expedition to Explore the Arctic Ice Sheets


Every spring, the scientists and flight crew of Operation Ice Bridge fly low over the Arctic, studying the Greenland ice sheet and nearby sea ice with high-resolution digital and thermal imaging cameras, a sophisticated radar suite, a laser altimeter, and other instruments.

Stop Freaking Out: Fukushima Isn’t Mutating the Daisies


A picture of some deformed plant sex organs is alarming people all over the internet this week. The photo, taken by Twitter user @san_kaido, shows a bunch of daisies that look like conjoined twins. The accompanying tweet describes their twisted, ribbonlike appearance, and reports a radiation reading for the spot.

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