Sure, Chappie may not have lived up to our expecations as a movie, but Chappie the robot was definitely our favourite thing about it. So it's a good job 3A are turning the titular robot into an amazing action figure we can buy then!

The gorgeous 12" is packed with details, from his tattered exterior panels to all the weathering on his AK, it's an incredible figure to look at. He seems incredibly articulated too, given the bevy of poses 3A have put him in for this unveiling. My favourite bit though? He has functioning LEDs in his visor so he can emote with various eyes!


Awww, so cute.

Chappie comes in two flavours: the standard version of the figure features the plain blue 'police' version of Chappie, while 3A's 'special edition' that you can only get from ordering directly from them, featuring an alternate orange arm and a bevy of gold chains and a dollar sign necklace to recreate Chappie's 'teenage' period with Die antwoord:

Preorders for Chappie go live on March 16th at 9am Hong Kong time (that's 6pm PDT/9pm EDT on the 15th) on 3A's webstore. Chappie will set you back a hefty $230 if you want him though. So much, but so pretty! So so pretty. See much, much more at the link below.

[via Toyark]

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