The Best Place to Get a Last-Minute Internet Valentine's Date (A Real-Time Experiment)

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You don't have a Valentine's Day date. It's ok, neither do I. But I am going to put myself out there for your benefit and figure out which social network will give you the best chance to beg a last minute Valentine's Day date. Starting... now.

At exactly 11:30 EST, we're going to activate comments in this post, and have me post identical date-seeking messages to Craigslist, OKCupid (fresh account), and to my personal Facebook and Google+ (ha!) accounts. I'll also be tweeting a date solicitation. I'll be honest about why I'm looking—datelessness and service to you—and then report which method was the fastest, best, and most horrifying.

And if, after two hours or so, I've come up empty, I'll tell you that too.

The date will be low-key. Just a drink or a coffee this evening at a place that's convenient. I'm buying, unless you'd rather go dutch. Your submission will be on the record, but we won't post anything about the date itself—unless I somehow manage to lose another laptop during it.


Here's the rundown on me, so you aren't grossly disappointed:

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145
Build: Average
Ethnicity: Korean
Occupation: Gizmodo Peon
Hobbies: Losing laptops, Linning

To qualify as a date, you have to be a verifiable human being (we won't share personal details) and available at 6:30 tonight in New York City and environs. So that's how I'll be spending my Valentine's Day. Check back in a bit to see exactly how good (or terrible) an idea it is.

Update: Things didn't go so very well. Long story short, I struck out. Check out the full rundown here.


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So he made no public post on Google+, seems he just posted to people he circled.

Another Gizmodo editor who doesn't know how to use Google+.