The Best Places To Find Hot Singles (According to Facebook)

So it's Valentine's Day (again) and you're single (again). Even though you've been right-swiping your heart out on Tinder, you've failed to find love nearby. So what can you do? Try a new activity? Maybe meet some new people? Nah. Just move to another city where your chances are better.

Facebook wants to help. The social network just crunched a bunch of data to reveal the best cities in the United States for single people. To do so, they looked at three different metrics: percentage of single people (or at least people who say they are single on Facebook), probability of relationship formation, and single female-to-male ratio.


Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't offer a magic composite score that tells you which cities have the optimum balance of the three metrics, so let's just focus on the one that's most universal: percentage of single people. Because, let's be honest, the best place to find hot singles is more than likely the place where you have a big selection to choose from.

And because we are optimists, lets also assume some if not most of said singles are hot.

1. Detroit, MI


The Motor City! Detroit's had a tough run of it in the past few years decades, but things have been looking up lately. With a new Robocop movie coming out and free houses for writers, Detroit is suddenly sort of hip and totally full of singles. It's also very cheap. Go now, before everybody finds out and couples up.

2. Los Angeles, CA


Well, this is no huge surprise. Los Angeles with its perfect weather and its beautiful people has always been a great place to be. It's even greater if you're single and looking, though it's a little less great in terms of actually getting together with someone. While Los Angeles has the second highest percentage of singles, it's also pretty low on the relationship formation rate scale.

3. New York, NY


This one's straight up obvious. As the setting for such shameless shows as Sex in the City, New York has long been a famous destination for dating. Not only is the city full of singles; it's also home to one of the most vibrant dating cultures in the country. So many bars. So few days of the week. Unfortunately for the more serious set, that also means that its relationship formation rate is even lower than Los Angeles's.

4. Miami, FL


Wait, so it's starting to seem like the most fun cities are the ones with the most singles. Miami's never cold, full of hotties, and surrounded by beaches. Why on Earth would anybody ever want to be in a relationship in this town? Just think of all the tourists coming through. All the obnoxious tourists. Woo!

5. Memphis, TN


Just kidding about the fun city thing! (It's okay I can say that because I'm from Tennessee.) Memphis isn't famous for much besides Elvis, blues, and barbecue, but it's evidently full of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and plenty of Southern charm. Memphis also happens to have the most single women per single man. (San Francisco has the most single men per single women.)

In case you're interested in learning more about the breakdown between percentage of singles and relationship formation rate, Facebook made this helpful chart:


Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Remember to make good decisions.

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