The best solar eclipse videos

A perfect recipe to enjoy the weekend: just watch these videos of today's solar eclipse over and over again from different locations across our planet and even around the universe. We've collected videos from space, from a place that looks like Hoth on Earth and so many more. Even if you missed it earlier, you'll see it better than ever now.


Here's video from Proba-2 provided by the ESA:

From Svalbard, which is basically Hoth on Earth:

Here's a clear view from Kaluga:

A different view that just shows the momentary darkness caused by the eclipse:

And BBC's take from the Faroe Islands:

Sky News:


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In one vid they said they'll have to wait 85 years for another one. Just come the US in 2017.…

If you haven't seen one in person you must. I did once, many years ago. It's one of the most unforgettable things you'll ever see.