The Best Stuff to Read With Instapaper While You're Stuck in Longass Airport Lines

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Give Me Something to Read is a fantastic, simple service: It's a collection of the best articles and essays saved with the iPhone/iPad/Kindle offline-reading service Instapaper. And you should read everything on their best of 2010 list.

If you don't already have Instapaper, one of essential apps for the iPhone and iPad—available on Kindle, too—it's the best $5 you'll spend on an app, especially on the iPad. And it's totally killer when you're traveling. Find a long article you like, but wanna read it later, like on the couch? Instapaper beams it to your device for offline reading, and it totally syncs up between all of your different devices. I load up my iPhone with Instapaper articles every time I know I'm going to be stuck an airport or an airplane for hours—Give Me Something to Read's best of 2010 list is a great way to get started. [Give Me Something to Read via Nick Bilton]