The Best Way to Track Your Packages

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I showed this to Pash over at Lifehacker before, but I thought I'd share this with you all as well. If you order a lot of stuff (and you should, since you read Giz), you'll love this Delivery Status package tracker for Apple's Dashboard. Hands down the best package tracker we've seen on any platform, including Yahoo, Google and Vista Gadgets.

Each delivery system is color coded and styled based on their logo, so you can easily see what packages are coming and how many days are left before you get it. We use it all the time, and you know we get a lot of boxes.


Product Page [Mikepiontek]

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Very neat, but I think this is more of an indication that your need to stop buying so much crap off the interweb.

Useless as anything more than a "Gee Whiz" unless you're a business that could obviously use something like this. Still, how many businesses use apple computers for their shipping and recieving systems? Merely based off market share, it can't be that many. Build me a Winblows version and then it'll be really usefull.