The Best Windows Phone Is Now Crazy Cheap—But Should You Buy It?

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Good news! Nokia just let us know that the awesome muppet-colored Lumia 900 will now only cost $50. Maybe not as good a deal as zero dollars, but still killer. Wait—what about Windows Phone 8? This is tricky.


No, WP8 will absolutely not be coming to the Lumia 900, though the decent consolation prize of Windows Phone 7.8 will. So is this a good deal? We would tell most people to avoid buying Windows Phone anything until the new wave of handsets arrive later this year. That means, no, don't buy a Lumia 900, even for $50. But if you absolutely need a new phone right now (did you drop your old one in the toilet?), and you absolutely want it to be a Windows Phone, then yes, do this. Granted, that's probably a pretty slim venn diagram. [Nokia via The Verge]

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Windows Phone 7.8 is only announced as having the start screen. No improved maps, no improved web browser, no MicroSD storage, and no native apps.

It's not what I'd call a "decent consolation prize". "Pathetic attempt at a consolation prize", perhaps. "Decent" would be giving us the maps and browser improvements, instead of saying "too bad so sad".