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The Best Xbox 360 Deal: Arcade Bundle + 60GB Live Starter Pack, $250

Illustration for article titled The Best Xbox 360 Deal: Arcade Bundle + 60GB Live Starter Pack, $250

So, I went to Circuit City yesterday because I couldn't keep myself away from the Black Friday madness (it's fun), and because I wanted to pick up that $199 Xbox 360 Arcade + 20GB refurb hard drive, since it was a good deal without BS add-ons. Apparently, they only had one of those per store, so I missed it. But that's okay, there's a better no BS Xbox deal worth highlighting: Amazon is selling the Arcade Holiday Bundle + a 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack for $250, which basically amounts to $50 off of the Pro.


And you get 3 months of Live free. I think it's better than the more prevalent software bundles, personally, since not everybody wants Kung Fu Panda or even Rock Band. Just $50 off the Pro, straight up. (You've gotta get your own HDMI cables, but just get 'em from Monoprice for a few bucks.) The discount takes shows up when they're both in the cart. They've got 500 total, so hit it quick. As always, if you've seen better, let us know. [Amazon]

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I thought arcade had a wired controller while the Pro has wireless? I've been spoiled w/ the wireless controllers now.