The Big Picture Photoblog Reborn As The Atlantic's "In Focus"

Update your bookmarks! Alan Taylor, founder of the wildly famous The Big Picture photoblog, has launched his newest iteration at The Atlantic, called "In Focus". [In Focus]

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Tamar Weinberg

Gizmodo, as much as The Big Picture was awesome, I always hated that the other photoblogs that are just as good (and some better) never get appreciation — mostly because you all don't know about them.

As per my comment here, they are:

The Frame

Collective Vision (Statesman)

Tampa Bay's All Eyes

Plog (The Denver Post)

MSNBC's Photoblog

Alan is a great curator, but he's not the only one. We should give the smaller fish some visibility as some of them do it a lot more often! My guess is that Jack and Joel (almost reads like a children's rhyme) who brought attention to Alan's new role in this and the previous Gizmodo post don't even know about these other photoblogs that are pretty damn cool as well.