The Bios Urn, Turning You Into a Tree

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The thing about dying, and subsequently being buried, is that you stand a good chance of eventually being turned into worm poop. Now, while this thought may sit well with some of you, I prefer the more romantic notion of being reborn as a tree of some sort.

That's exactly the concept behind Mart n Ruiz de Az a's as-yet-to-be-produced creation: The Bios Urn. Made from compacted coconut shells mixed with a layer of organic fertilizer, it also contains a tree seed which will presumably germinate posthumously. Simply insert ashes into urn, bury said urn, and wait for tree. The fact that it's made from biodegradable materials insures the tree will not simply, well, not grow. -DP

Bios Urn: Body [Index2005 via Productdose]