The Blip Festival: Like Girl Talk and a Game Boy Had a Baby

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Brooklyn's Blip Festival 2008, which is taking place this weekend, December 4th through 7th, is a celebration of modders, music, vintage game consoles, and graphics. Artists come from all over the world to perform electronic music created with Game Boys, Commodore 64s, and Famicoms, and it's more than just bleeps and bloops: this stuff is really fun.

Chiptune musicians mod archaic game systems from Atari, Commodore, and Nintendo, among others, to be used as musical instruments. The music sounds a lot more varied than I would have expected, from hard-pumping dance electro to atmospheric pieces, not to mention the workshops, screenings, and presentations that are included in the Festival.

The documentary Reformat the Planet, which debuted earlier this year at South by Southwest, will be shown at the festival, and the trailer here does more than I could to describe how cool this is. The Blip Festival's tickets are $15 a night, and held at the Bell House (149 7th Street, Brooklyn).


[New York Times, photograph by Richard Gin]

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Can you buy or d/l this music anywhere? That last song in this video clip is awesome.