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The Bootleg Toymaker Making Gay Stormtroopers

The Sucklord—real name Morgan Phillips—is a pop artist well known for his subversive creations of mashed-together toys. Imagine if Sid from Toy Story grew up to become an amazing artist, and you have an idea of what to expect.


Director Joey Garfield recently toured Sucklord's studio, appropriately named "The Suckhole," to showcase some of these bootleg creations and talk to the artist about his curious craft, the fight for gay rights through his work, and why super-villains are basically the best. Sucklord also has a Boba Fett helmet that sorta looks like the helm of Sauron. My kind of guy.

[Vimeo via Digg]

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Greg the Mad

I'm impressed. Normally I don't like those artsy type of people, but his honesty really makes him likeable.