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The Boys' Answer to Captain America Will Also Have a Terrible Musical

With season three now in production, the Amazon series' fictional cable news segments have given up any pretense of being satire.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A silhouette of Soldier Boy standing before the American Flag, all of which is the title card for a musical.
The title card for Soldier Boy, Ahoy!
Screenshot: Amazon Studios

To bridge the gap between The Boys’ second and third seasons, Amazon Studios has been dropping a number of in-universe reports from Vought News Network, the media organization owned by the villainous megacorporation at the center of the streaming series. While the news segments have hinted at some of the developments coming in The Boysupcoming season, they’ve also provided interesting glimpses into the larger world that Vought manipulates with its outsized, superhero (and money)-powered influence.

For the most part, the VNN clips featuring news anchor Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) have attempted to keep some semblance of seriousness while poking fun at The Boys itself. The latest video, though, borders on near-ridiculous levels of absurdity as it (to be fair, accurately) lampoons conservative cable news talking points through The Boys’ gritty lens. Vought being singlehandedly responsible for creating the world’s enhanced humans by dosing children without their consent is the biggest news story that broke to the public in The Boys’ second season, but all Coleman’s segment really wants to focus on is Vought’s new streaming service, which has been seeing record profits.

The brief ad for the VoughtLand theme park where patrons can take in a showing of “Soldier Boy, Ahoy!” is a joke that isn’t going to hurt Disney’s feelings, especially coming from an Amazon Studios production, but it’s one that feels somewhat telling about what kind of presence Soldier Boy will have when he makes his debut in The Boys’ new season. Even as the company that represents him is under fire for gross human rights violations, Soldier Boy’s the kind of figure Vought’s able to spin musical productions around that the public is presumably willing to pay to see. It’s going to be interesting to see whether Vought’s public image is actually all that tarnished in The Boys’ third season, and whether that’s the issue Soldier Boy’s being brought in to address.


The Boys’ third season is now in production.

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