The British SF Crossover You've Been Waiting For!

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The two big bass drums that dominated British science fiction in the 1970s-early 1980s have teamed up at last. Okay, so the Tom Baker/Brian Blessed encounter is only for a cellphone ad. But still.


The two deep-voiced shouters of scifi are dueling at last, in an ad for Talk Talk, some British phone service. Admit it, you've always wanted to hear Brian Blessed scream about "added internet security for the family." Baker retorts that his Talk Talk gives him "double download capacity." "Your Talk talk has its priorities wrong!" Blessed counters. "Could it be that your TalkTalk is different than my TalkTalk???" In one version of the ad (not online, sadly), Tom calls Brian a "flash Harry." Which I think is an insult, but doesn't involve showing your naughty bits to old ladies on the street or anything.

Here's the epoch-making confrontation of our idols:

Alas, they both sound a little too mellow, maybe thanks to a few decades of serene reflection, so we don't really get to hear the clash of titans so many of us have been awaiting for years. [Guardian]



If only Brian could have thrown in a "Save Maya!"