The Bug Labs Concept Interview

As cool as we find the whole modular open-source electronics concept that Bug Labs has conjured up, we share some of the confusion and curiosity that you do about how this baby's gonna fly. We sat down with CEO Peter Semmelhack and, in addition to giving us the first look at the powered-on Bug itself, he answered some of our most burning questions:
• Who will buy this device—besides hackers, that is?
• What is the ultimate Bug module combination?
• How will you avoid comparisons to the revered yet ill-fated Handspring?
• Are there any scenarios where an LCD screen wouldn't be used?
• So, when and where can we buy our own Bug combos?
After you watch the vid, let us know what's on your mind. (He may have answered it already, we couldn't include everything in this clip here.) [Bug Labs, Bug Labs on Giz]


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Benny Goldman

@strider_mt2k: I think there are a lot of practical applications for the Bug, he discussed a few in the video. DVR, radar detector, motion activated cameras ... I am excited for this thing, I could see myself with a base and then tons of accessories that I snap on for different situations.

The best part is, when you hook it up to your computer it knows what you have plugged into it and can find applications designed specifically for your module combination. As someone with no programming experience, this would be very helpful.

However, the big "if" is how good the developer community will be, so you're right, they should probably start sucking up to those folks.