The cast of Voyager returns in this Star Trek Online trailer

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Well, a lot of them do anyway - but while there's no Janeway in sight, a good chunk of her bridge officers are returning to the Delta Quadrant for the latest expansion to Star Trek Online. Hooray!

As the trailer indicates, Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Tim Russ (Tuvok), Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and Ethan Phillips (Neelix) have lent their voices to the free-to-play MMO for the first time with Delta Rising, the game's new expansion pack that sees players return to the Delta Quadrant that the USS Voyager found herself stranded in 32 years earlier. Times have changed, and so have the characters since we've last seen them on TV - Tuvok is now an Admiral, Seven has left Starfleet, and somehow, Harry Kim is Captain of the Rhode Island. There's a reason Harry never got promoted in seven years of Delta Quadrant service, Starfleet, and you gave him a ship!? Boo.


Now, this is an unpopular opinion to posit on the Internet, but I'll say it: I love Star Trek: Voyager, warts and all. It's got a lot of problems - a LOT of them - but despite the presence of much better Star Trek series (looking at you, DS9) I'll always hold Voyager close to my heart, so it's lovely to see the crew back in the game, as well as all the nods to the series with this latest trailer - right down to the emulation of Voyager's opening titles in the game's engine.

Star Trek Online: Delta Rising is available to play for free now.

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