The Classic iPhone Face Wallpaper Collection

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This classic 19 wallpaper collection is probably unknown to the majority of iPhone owners because it was released with the 1st generation. It contains the original iPhone smiley face—so cute—as well as famous characters, from Mario to Vader.

From time to time, people send me emails asking about the smiley face that appears in iPhone photomontages everywhere, asking where they can get the background.


I always point them to the original iPhone wallpaper post, and they always come back marvelled: "How didn't I know about these?" is their most common phrase. Recently, a fellow Gizmodo editor and I were talking about them too, and unknowingly, another designer contacted me, mentioning that it was too bad most people didn't know about these.


So that's why I'm putting them up again, so every iPhone user—and anyone with a phone using a 320 x 480 screen—can have the opportunity to download their favorites.


To get them with a computer:

• Click on the background you want to get.
• While the image appears, right-click in the center of the image and select "Save Image As..." (alternatively, you can drag to your desktop if you are using Safari).
• Add them to an album in iPhoto, and synchronize it with the iPhone. Once synchronized, go to the albums in your iPhone and set one as your desktop background.


From the iPhone:

• If you are reading this on the iPhone, just select the image and save it as your background.