The Cleverest iPad Book Yet

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I keep twisting and turning my iPad with childlike wonder while reading the familiar tale of the adventures of a girl named Alice. For the first time in my life, I'm blown away by an interactive book design.


Alice for the iPad is a cute app which contains a slightly interactive version of a beloved story. It's not interactive to the point of annoyance and tackiness, but instead full of clever little touches like mushrooms that you can toss around a room with a twist of your iPad or an Alice who grows and shrinks as you move your gadget around.

The app is available for $9 or as a free "lite" version. And while it doesn't seem to be intended for adults, I couldn't be more fascinated by it. It's quite possible the cleverest book I've seen so far and exactly how I dreamed books would look one day. [iTunes (Lite Version) and iTunes (Full Version)]


dj-hq is verifiably correct

Am I the only one to be kind of sad that this will somehow lead to the extinction of real books for kids?

I am a gadget fan - but though I love gadgets, I think it's very very VERY important for kids (and of course for grown-ups too) to get a grip on REAL books.

Today it's already a big problem that children suck up huge chunks of information only through screens.

A common problem of today's western societies is the inability of most people for critical handling of information transported through media.

As much this new appearance of "books" is fancy itself, I have huge concerns about this trend.

In former times you had to use your OWN imagination to visualize this, today they take it away from you and just show it to you...