The Compact Chopsticks: You'll Never Dine Unprepared Again

Forks are for amateurs; if you're going to eat you're going to work for it, dammit—enter the chopstick. But all those splinter-laden, wooden eating-twigs don't come without a price, you tree killer. The Compact Chopsticks, however, will let your live your life environmentally friendly and fork-free. Just like God intended.

Half stainless steel and half bright plastic, the highly portable stick set takes up minimal space, with the plastic half sliding neatly into its steel sheath, and it all stays together with a handy little clip. The best part: use its clip as a chopstick stand while you dine. You can pick up your own set of Compact Chopsticks here for a mere $16. [Integral via Gearculture]


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