The Craziest Thing You Can Do On The Leftovers Is Try To Stay Sane

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This week, our put-upon police chief Kevin Garvey is dealing with the usual problems: the Guilty Remnant, the mad dogs, his surly daughter. But his biggest problem is his father, who wants to draw him into the more supernatural aspects of the post-Departure world. And maybe Kevin should stop resisting.


The post-Departure world of Mapleton is built out a little more this week as Reverend Matt launches his latest creepy flier campaign with posters of Gladys' unmarred face accompanying the text "Save them." Maybe Reverend Matt should consider a career change.

We also get the latest act of bizarro teenage hedonism as the kids of Mapleton reenact the passion of Paul Glouski, who apparently Departed while trapped in old refrigerator. Jill, who has already experienced the terror of believing her mother was dead, isn't afraid of a refrigerator—until she gets stuck inside it. Her unlikely savior is her grandfather, who wandered out of his mental institution, perhaps for the explicit purpose of rescuing her.

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Naturally, Kevin isn't pleased that this one piece of his life that he had contained is no longer contained. Jill seems to believe that the voices in the elder Garvey's head are, in fact, supernatural, and that doesn't have much impact on her worldview. Kevin, on the other hand, is taking tranquilizers to keep the outside world at bay, and he's losing time. I wonder what he could have possibly said to Aimee when she bandaged his hand? Did he finally acknowledge her weirdly wifely behavior towards him?

I can't help but think that some part of Kevin believes everything his father has said to him, that some supernatural forces want him to participate in a grand post-Departure game. "The lucky ones, they're not needed," Kevin Sr. tells him. "They get to stay sane." Kevin is adamantly refusing the call—in fact, he's refusing to acknowledge that the call exists, that it's anything other than his father's delusion. He wants to move forward with someone like Nora, someone who treats the Guilty Remnant as something to be washed off her driveway. He wants to rebuild his relationship with Jill. Answering the call means losing touch with the sane world, but refusing it and taking tranquilizers to cope might just drive him mad. He doesn't want to become the feral dog he has chained in his backyard, but what's really the alternative? This desperate, depressed existence he's clinging to?

Meanwhile, Laurie and Tommy are dealing with their own calls to crazy. Tommy learns that he and Christine aren't quite as special as Holy Wayne made them out to be. It turns out that Wayne impregnated at least one another girl and sent another version of Tommy to protector, telling him, "This girl, she's everything." And there is some debate between the two men about whether Holy Wayne is the real deal or just a con artist.


I actually had some Twitter chatter directed at me this week about whether Holy Wayne is the real deal or a fraud, and to be honest, it never occurred to me that an egomaniacal predator wouldn't have superpowers—because that seems par for The Leftovers' course. But what matters at the moment is that, for whatever reason, people believe that their pain is gone after Wayne hugs them. Wayne hugged this alternate version of Tommy and so he believes in Wayne; Tommy never accepted Wayne's unburdening and no longer believes that Wayne has a plan for any of them. However, his belief in Holy Wayne might be moot at this point, since Christine has had her baby and now Tommy has two people to protect.

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Laurie also discovers that she has been replaced—not by her spiritual group, but by Kevin. Meg's attempt to provoke her jealous just reinforces Laurie's commitment to the Guilty Remnant, at least for the time being. Of the Garveys, she is the one who is most resolved to her post-Departure path, and intriguingly, it gives her a sort of peace that neither Kevin nor Tommy seems to possess. Perhaps, the best thing to do in The Leftovers is to just turn yourself over to the crazy and let it carry you along.


Pie 'oh' Pah

I'm loving the show more and more each week, and am perfectly happy to turn myself over to the crazy and let it carry me along. However, I can't suspend belief enough to get past the fact that one of the Einstein twins had to drop his pants down around his ankles to take a piss.. whilst standing up. Who does that and why?

Other than that, I'm good. I'm really happy Scott Glenn got some time this week. Looking forward to learning more about the relationship between him and Mayor Fuck.