The Cutest Agent Coulson Figure Comes With A Sweet Ride

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Sure, the Marvel Legends Phil Coulson had his own giant alien gun to blast people with, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to see a Lola in the same scale for him to ride around in. Good job Funko are here to provide their giant-headed Agent Coulson with a flying hot rod to ride then!

Sorry, that’s Director Coulson actually—one of Funko’s new “Pop! Rides” toys, a line that pairs one of the myriad funko-ised characters with a vehicle to tootle around in. Naturally as you can’t really do a Funko-scaled version of the Bus, this is probably the next best thing for Coulson, and it looks damn great. As this is Lola in her flight mode, the car will come with a flight stand to at least make Coulson tower over any other Funko’s you might have—and also because a flying car that’s flat on the ground would look distinctly less impressive.

But now that there’s a Lola, a Coulson, and of course, a Melinda May out there in Funko’s Pop! Line, how about we get the rest of the Agents of SHIELD in on the action? Tell me you wouldn’t buy a Fitz/Simmons two pack, AoS fans.


The Coulson/Lola bundle will be out in October, for around $25.

[Via Marvel Toy News]

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