The Dark Knight Blu-ray: Crushing Nielsen Ratings December 9th

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Rumors and logic speculated that Warner would release The Dark Knight in time for the holiday season, and the Blu-ray two-disc and collectible limited edition will indeed go on sale December 9th, the same day as the standard DVD release. The standard, two-disc edition will be Warner's first BD Live disc, and it'll pack all sorts of Batarrific extras. From HiDef Digest:

Extras included on the first disc also include "Gotham Uncovered: Creation of a Scene," a "focus points" version of the film containing behind-the-scenes vignettes with director Christopher Nolan and his team discussing the planning of the film, the use of IMAX photography, the stunts, and more. Disc two will feature additional extras presented entirely in HD, including a pair of featurettes ("Batman Tech," "Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight"), the "Gotham Tonight" collection of six episodes of the Gotham Cable's Premiere network, and "The Galleries," containing multiple still galleries, theatrical trailers and TV spots.


Apparently the collectible limited edition is exactly the same as the standard Blu-ray edition, except it'll come in fancy Bat Pod packaging. The standard edition will retail for $35.99 (though it'll probably hit shelves for less), while the premium edition has yet to be priced. On a completely unrelated note, Gizmodo will not be in service from December 9th until further notice. Our apologies. [HiDef Digest]


Notch Johnson

Blu-ray is not big enough to fit both discs on one BD?