The Diamond iPad

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Listen up, rich people: If you ordered an iPad, cancel it. This is the one you need, covered with 11.43 carats of diamonds, graded G/H in color, VS2/SI1 in clarity, and 100/100 in stupidity. I can imagine Steve Jobs reaction:

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Indeed. The price tag: $19,999, available June 1. [Mervis]


Wait...the man that admits to stealing others ideas but fights for his own patents like a mother pitbull in heat; the man that thinks it's a good idea to sell smartphones, mp3 players, laptops, and now media thingies with non-removable batteries is a good idea; the man that enjoys having the biggest lemming following on the planet...this man would vomit over a diamond covered iPad?

Hardly. I'd wager he is a silent partner in Mervis Diamond Importers.