The Dinosaurs at Every Museum Should Do This

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You can pretend you’re there to marvel at the Egyptian antiquities, but deep down the only reason anyone visits a museum is to check out its dinosaurs. And while a towering T-rex skeleton is impressive, the Melbourne Museum just opened a new exhibit featuring shockingly life-like animatronic dinos.

You won’t find any skeletons at Jurassic World: The Exhibition, just prehistoric displays brought to life with robotic versions of a brachiosaurus, a stegosaurus, a T. rex with a taste for jeeps, and the film’s fictional Indominus Rex, among others.

The exhibit isn’t just an impressive ad for the Jurassic Park movies, either—although the money from all that movie branding sure helped the museum’s budget. The impressive array of animatronic fear machines was created with the help of paleontologist Jack Horner who has served as the dinosaur consultant on many of the Jurassic Park films. The exhibit also delves into real-world science, like how DNA works.

In any case, you can tell yourself you’re going to check it out for educational reasons all you want. But in reality, you’ll really just be there to see the dinos.

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