The online audio nerd community can be enthusiastic, but they're going bananas for these DIY headphones. Thunderpants are made in Seattle by forum regular Smeggy, who turns a $75 pair of cans into some of the finest in the world.

Smeggy's Thunderpants are modified versions of Fostex T50RPs—a popular model audiophile hackers like to go after. Smeggy (né: Gary) leaves the excellent stock drivers alone and fits them with custom cups made of beautiful woods. According to Jude over at Head-Fi, Smeggy's closed-back Thunderpants "measure with some of the finest in the world."


Smeggy will build you a pair of Thunderpants for $550 or if you want to build your own, he'll supply you a kit for $300. Checkout Head-Fi's review below. [Smeggy via Head-Fi]