The Dutch are Making QR-Coded Coins. Seriously.

Illustration for article titled The Dutch are Making QR-Coded Coins. Seriously.

When did you last scan a QR code? Was it during last week's Republican debate? Or maybe that ad for a free Coke at Wendy's. It probably wasn't on a coin. But the Dutch are changing that with QR-coded currency.


The Royal Dutch Mint is celebrating its 100th anniversary, so they're producing these 5 and 10 euro QR coins in both silver and gold. Scanning the code directs you to this website (though as of now, it's not formatted for mobile devices). At the moment it's unclear what will be on the site when the coins are released June 22nd. Maybe it'll be information about how the coin was made or the person whose face is printed on it. Maybe it'll just be an ad for a free Coke from Wendy's. Whatever it is, coin collectors will probably be overjoyed to get their hands on these shiny 21st century doubloons. Assuming their love for Wendy's doesn't outdo their love for collecting currencies. [2d code and The Rich Times via DVICE]



Are there really 10 Euro-coins?

And since Euros are being used in a bunch of countries in Europe, can you really put your own queen on the coins, which later may end up in, let's say Greece or Germany?