"The Eclipse" Is A Gorgeous, Contemporary Irish Ghost Story

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The latest film from Irish playwright Conor McPherson, The Eclipse now has a sumptuous trailer that will suck you into this tragic, literary ghost story.

Featuring moody but subtle acting from leads Ciarán Hinds, Aidan Quinn, and Iben Hjejle, The Eclipse is the story of three people whose lives collide during a literary festival in a seaside Irish town. Hinds plays a man raising his two children alone after his wife died in an accident. He's haunted, perhaps literally, by the ghost of his wife, and this is what eventually brings him together with Hjejle, playing a writer who pens novels about ghosts. She comes to town for the literary festival, and the two are growing closer when Quinn shows up. He's a blustery, famous writer who has the hots for Hjejle based on a brief affair they had the previous year.

You've got the ghosts of dead love and crazy writers, stirred into intense emotional and supernatural encounters on the beautiful Irish coast. Irresistible.

The film will be available online February 26, and hits theaters in March. Learn more on the official Eclipse site.