The Egg Is Now Trying to Sell Us Hulu

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Well folks, it finally happened. After weeks of wondering what, exactly, the world_record_egg Instagram account was trying to promote, we finally have our answer.


It’s Hulu.

When the egg secured the most-liked Instagram post of all time about two weeks ago, we knew it was likely inevitable it would start trying to sell us shit (separate from the t-shirts, that is). Its first post surfaced Jan. 4, but a subsequent post shared Jan. 18 of an ever-so-slightly cracked egg was pretty much a clear indicator that brands were about to seize on this remarkably dumb occasion.

Sure enough, the egg—which is now sporting football laces because we are truly living in the worst timeline—tweeted Friday that it will reveal its hugely profitable secrets on Super Bowl Sunday and only on Hulu. And just how profitable is the egg’s account? Great question.

The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz reported this week that controversial social media agency Jerry Media has been involved with the project in an “unofficial” role and pitched the Need to Impeach campaign last week on some kind of collaboration. (Need to Impeach reportedly turned down this uniquely idiotic opportunity.) Lorenz also spoke with VaynerMedia’s Nik Sharma, who said that securing a position as “the first brand to crack out of the egg is worth at least $10 million.”

That figure seems extraordinary. The egg has 9 million followers (lol), and many Instagram influencers with double that follower count reportedly make up to $20,000 per post, according to MarketWatch. The egg’s undeniable notoriety, however, does offer a unique marketing opportunity. And if Kylie Jenner, who the egg dethroned for most-liked Instagram, can make a reported $1 million per post, surely the egg’s hatched marketing scheme can generate millions as well—especially during the Super Bowl.


Anyway, here’s to hoping we can be done with this fucking egg after Sunday.

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I heard about the egg and was gonna like it because I thought anything was better than Kylie Jenner but then I got too high and forgot. So I guess the moral of the story is that drugs are good.