The Eleventh Doctor's regeneration is still heartbreaking, even in Lego

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Although we've only recently finished off a whole series of Peter Capaldi goodness, it feels like just yesterday we were bidding farewell to Matt Smith's Doctor on Doctor Who - which is probably why I still get a little verklempt watching this CGI-'d Lego take on his regeneration scene.

While the rest of The Time of The Doctor was arguably a right mess, the regeneration is one of my favourite scenes in recent Who-history, and intrepid Animator/Youtuber BlobVanDam has recreated it pretty damn faithfully - but the Lego twist is pretty good. Check out the full scene below:

It's almost like a cutscene out of the old Lego videogames (you know, the ones before they decided all the minifigures should talk all the time instead of being silent-movie-style goofballs), and all the little Lego-ified changes are pretty cleverly done, especially the actual regeneration changeover. It kinda makes me want a Lego Doctor Who game now - Lego should get round to licensing those sets and give us one!


All it's missing is the music from the scene itself. God, that music. No I'm not crying, it's just suddenly really, really dusty in here...

[via Doctor Who on Facebook]

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I've wondered for a while about the best way to a LEGO Doctor Who game. I doubt you could do individual releases by season, or even by Doctor. They'd probably need to start with a New Who release - 9, 10 and 11, with 4-6 choice episode/levels for each Doctor (matching the pace of older LEGO games with 15ish levels, divided into three or so worlds). Then maybe do a Doctors 1-3 release, then 4-5, then 6-8 (with a War Doctor expansion pack?). Depending on the format, they could then release 12's stories as additional downloads. Could be awesome, particularly if it looks like the above.