The French Space Agency (CNES) commissioned Damien Labrousse to recreate the Jupiter Mission Control Room in Lego for display at the Kourou spaceport. The impressive build features 6,000 bricks, 80 minifigs, a working video screen that shows the rocket launch sequence and a sound system, displaying launch countdown.

The Jupiter Control Room is where the European Space Agency and the French Space Agency CNES, conduct launches from Kourou (the spaceport where the ESA sends supplies to the International Space Station). Two Lego models were built, one was on display last week at the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, and the second will be displayed at the Kourou Space Center. On a side note, it would be wonderful if Lego revived and expanded its Classic Space theme series, with updated spacecraft, rockets, mission control rooms, and space stations. I'd probably go broke, but it'd be totally worth it. [Flickr via Brothers Brick]

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