The Final Frontier and the Human Mind

The human mind and outer space, the emotional connections between man and machine, the wonderful and creepy nature of the Internet of Things: there's lots to love on the internet. This week's Reading List has selections from Fast Company, Medium, New York Magazine, and The New York Review of Books. Let's dig in.

  • David Bowman's trip near the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey (above) is pretty weird and mind-bending. However, space poses as many challenges of the body as it does of the mind. With private agencies continuing the push toward space tourism, scientists aim to learn more about how extreme heights can affect our brains. [Fast Company]
  • The technology we use and the operating systems that fill our day-to-day live in our memory long after they're obsolete. For one writer, these bygone pieces of technology helped reconnect with a friend recently passed. Prepare for the feels. [Medium]
  • The man who created eBay is busy. Pierre Omidyar is now focusing on journalism and his media outlet First Look Media rather than his huge auction website. This New York Magazine profile captures this fascinating history of Omidyar while also detailing a man in transition. [New York Magazine]
  • Right now, the Internet of Things is a giant question mark. Many technologists believe it will fundamentally change the way we live, but we have yet to see this future play out. Whether it fashions the future we've all envisioned, one thing is certain: This interconnected web of tech will make a surveillance state, at the very least, much more possible. [The New York Review of Books]

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