The First Ever Seated Ski Back Flip

When Josh Dueck broke his back in 2004 during a skiing accident, few people thought he'd ski again. He defied expectations, though, and began using a Sit Ski — a mono-ski contraption used by paraplegics — to cruise down the slopes. That wasn't enough though, so he decided he had to attempt something a little more crazy: the first seated ski back flip.


It wasn't an easy journey. Josh started by practicing indoors, landing in a pile of foam. Then he moved on to using an air-filled crash mat on the slopes, before finally deciding to go all the way. On February 3rd, he landed the first ever seated ski back flip. Thank goodness GoPro exists to let us experience these things vicariously. Well done, Josh! [YouTube]


Ben Zvan

There's an airbag for ski trick jump training? Why did I not know this?