The First Ever Stupid-Fast Thunderbolt External HD Is Finally Out

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I like the sound of backing up my entire hard drive in several minutes, instead several hours. With LaCie's Little Big Disk, we might finally be able to do it: dual drives plus Thunderbolt.


The Little Big Disk straps together two HDs in a RAID array (0 for extra speed, or 1 for extra data safety). All this is tucked into a light, tough-ish aluminum case. If you want to totally max out that 10 Gb/sec Thunderbolt channel, you'll be able to chain together multiple Little Big Disks, or slap on any other Thunderbolt peripheral to tap the rest of the bandwidth juice. You can pick up a 1TB 7200 RPM model for $400, or 2TB 5400 RPM for $500. Even more exciting is a 500 GB SSD model next month—then we'll hit 480 MB/sec instead of just 190 MB/sec for HDD—or 800 if you string four or more together. And that's when Thunderbolt drives really get exciting. [LaCie]

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It's cool that you can daisy-chain devices without sacrificing speed, but again, this highlights the biggest problems I see with TBolt vs. USB 3.0: the hardware speed cap isn't anywhere near USB 3.0, and it lacks the backwards compatibility that's key with the ubiquity of USB 2.0. Also, judging by the hilarious price tags, it will probably suffer the arbitrary 30% Apple "magical" tax.