The First ExpressCard Memory Card Readers?

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So Apple goes and says that the new MacBook Pro is going to have an ExpressCard slot. So of course all the PC Card manufacturers will chant Apple's name and will start releasing more and more ExpressCards, especially since Dell and HP plan to incorporate ExpressCard slots in their laptops soon. This is the first ExpressCard we've heard of being released so far and it's a card reader from Buffalo. MMC, SD, and Memory Stick Pro and Duo are covered by the Buffalo MCR-4/EX card reader. Just plug it into your MacBook Pro and you'll be good to go with loading up iPhoto with pictures. Don't forget the benefit of a higher transfer rate, too! It's available now for only $26, which is chump change if you shelled out $2500 for the new MacBook Pro high-end model!

Memory card reader for ExpressCard [Akihabara]

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