The First Full Trailer for Ragnarok Appropriately Brings the Thunder

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Get ready to Ragnarök around the clöck.
Image: Netflix

I mean, c’mon. Can’t have the end of the world without a few stormcallers, right?

After a few teasers, Netflix has just dropped a new extended trailer for its upcoming Norwegian fantasy series, Ragnarok. Developed by SAM productions for the streaming giant, the series offers a twist on the traditional mythological tale of Ragnarök. Described in the pages of the 13th century Nordic text the Poetic Edda, it’s the cyclical tale of the gods of Norse mythology doing bloody battle with giants—while Jörmungandr the World Serpent cracks the world apart with its writhing, causing massive natural disasters before the world is ultimately renewed, and the gods and humanity alike are reborn in its wake.

Ragnarok the show’s take on this is that one such event happened eons ago, and when a young man named Magne (David Stakston) and his brother arrive in the small town of Edda, he discovers that he’s got strange powers beyond those of a normal human—and is a descendant of the gods and giants of old Asgard, destined to take part in the next cycle of Ragnarök’s cataclysm. So, like, Taika Waititi-adjacent.


Jokes about the Marvel Comics take on the same mythology aside, it’s cool to see Netflix exploring superheroic parallels to mythology with shows like this. It’s a cool fantasy twist on a grounded superpowered story and one that looks worth checking out when Ragnarok hits Netflix on January 31.


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