The First Daredevil TV Series Merchandise Is a Line of Cutesy Pop Vinyls

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Ever since Daredevil blew our minds earlier this year, I’ve been itching to see some merchandise based on the Man without Fear. But while fans have been making some amazing custom toys, it’s taken a while to see anything official... until now.

Funko’s ever growing mass of franchises it distills down into its chunky, giant-headed 3.75” figurines grows a little bit mass-ier with the addition of a new line based on Daredevil. The first wave of toys features three different versions of Matt Murdock—in his civilian clothing as a lawyer, the lightweight black “vigilante” suit he wore for the vast majority of the show’s first season, and ultimately his armored costume as Daredevil. Joining the trio of Murdocks will be the sinister villain Kingpin, because after all, even a Funko Pop needs someone to duke it out with.


As nice as it is to finally see some toys for this wonderful show, man, I really wish we’d gotten a nice, articulated action figure of both Daredevils. Who knows, maybe we still will? Fingers crossed!


The Funko Daredevil line launches in February, with each toy setting you back around $10.


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