The First Trailer For Netflix's Korean Zombie Epic Kingdom Teases Ancient Horrors

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We’ve known for a while that Netflix has been working with Korean studio Astory to help bring a fantastical zombie series to life—and now we’ve got our first look at its creepy, gorgeous take on zombie horror.

Set at an unspecified point in the five centuries that make up Korea’s Joseon Dynasty—one of the most culturally influential periods of Korean history—Kingdom, directed by Kim Seong-hun, follows a young prince struggling to deal with the passing of his father. Except his father hasn’t exactly passed...because he’s risen from the dead—something being kept secret from the prince and Korea at large until the inevitable happens, throwing the kingdom into chaos as it deals with the startlingly rapid hordes of the walking dead.

The courtly intrigue that frames all the zombie horror seems to be what’ll set Kingdom apart from its zombie contemporaries—well, beyond its unique setting, at least. But that’s not to say there won’t be some wild-looking historical zombie action to go with it, by the looks of it. Kingdom is set to hit Netflix January 25.